Will: The Power of Integration


Believe it or not, I wasn’t planning this. My initial chakra focused image, “The Flowering of Truth” was intended to be a single image. When I completed the work in February, I had no intention of creating another work on the chakras – nor the impetus to create a series. But it would seem that Spirit had other plans.

A large percentage of my inspirational and creative processes are dependent upon intuition and channeling. Most of my inspirations are brought forth through life-experiences and/or insights intuited/channeled/gleaned from my meditation practice. In a very real sense, one could view my creative practice as a spiritual development journal. In hindsight, I see that the process of strengthening my 5th chakra was in preparation for my departure from my day job in order to pursue my vocation full-time. I needed to connect with the expression of my voice and speak forth my truth in authenticity. “Will: The Power of Integration” is about the need for me to marshal my energies and resources towards the achievement of my goals so that I will have the strength to persevere despite all obstacles. It wasn’t until this image’s completion that I realized that this was the start of a series.

The third chakra is found in the vicinity of the navel and solar plexus. Its primary element is fire – thus it is associated with the pancreas and adrenals. It’s color – yellow is the core of the preceding two chakras (red and orange respectively) as the core of any fire is bright yellow-white with the reds and oranges radiating from that burning center. The 3rd chakra is the integrator of the 2 preceding it (1 = earth/matter, 2 = water/creation). Hence the power of the 3rd chakra is based in integration. It’s mantra, “I can” is reflective of human “Will”. Not society’s traditional notion of “will to power, conquer, push through…” but a dynamic force that transforms and shapes through integration. From this perspective, “will” is the integration of our desire and focus for the purposes of transformation and manifestation. Thus transformation and manifestation are based upon one’s power to combine and integrate the various aspects of one’s being in order to direct them towards a purpose. This is the power of “Will”.

Will: The Power of Integration

Will: The Power of Integration. The 2nd creation in my chakra series.


As discussed previously, the color yellow is associated with the 3rd chakra and the core of fire and sun. I chose not to seat the figure because I wanted her to embody the energy associated with this chakra. This woman is standing, floating up and away from the lotus beneath her. She rises unaided, of her volition as she integrates her focus and desire in order to initiate her own ascension. She is the source of her own ascension and transformation due to her own self-integration (we are in truth the truth we seek). Her outstretched arms are symbolic of both praise and the discovery of her own inner power.  It is as if her outstretched arms and slightly lifted head evoke ecstasy and draw in the swirling matter that surrounds her as it becomes an integral part of her being. Her hair is both charged with the light of the chakra’s activation and the power flowing within. 

The graphic lotus symbol above her depicts the third chakra and its accompanying Sanskrit character. The open lotus beneath her figure is also symbolic of the chakras in general. 

Look out for a discussion of the crown chakra next month!


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Ascension II: The Buddha Nature Ascends


The term enlightenment is derived from the notion of light. The light of consciousness, the light of knowledge, the light of awareness that breaks through to us, and in us. Light comes to us in the midst of our ignorance, blindness, our will to power, and our pain. As we receive that light we slowly but surely ascend. We accelerate the process when we consciously and deliberately choose to consistently go within. These epiphanal glimpses of light inspired Ascension II.

As I reflect upon it now, the creation of Ascension II was almost inevitable. The thoughts and feelings which led to its creation are evidence of the natural process of expansion and deeper consciousness that accompanies the path to enlightenment. The Buddha is not necessarily a person. A more accurate characterization  would be to identify it as a state of being, or conscious awareness that can be reached by anyone. This truth ensures that there have been, and will be many Buddhas throughout the course of history. The Buddha is a nature which one acquires as one seeks to go ever deeper within. It is believed that some who have reached this state were able to literally shift their vibration to such a high rate that they disappeared into the realms of higher consciousness. 

Ascenion II72.5


One of the first things you will notice about this piece is the horizontal format. I intentionally chose to use this format because I wanted to emphasize the point I made in my discussion of Ascension I regarding enlightenment as a process of expansion and not the upward movement we so often assign to it. Just as the first piece was long and vertical, this piece is wide and horizontal (36h x 48w) to reflect the notion of expansion as both upward and outward movement.

The four figures located in the corners of the image are seated in various meditation poses. They represent adepts who are following the teachings of the Buddha, and the Four Noble Truths of the Buddhist tradition (suffering, craving, there is an end to suffering, follow the path). Each figure is surrounded by an auric field which is not complete because they have not yet achieved enlightenment but are still walking the path.

The Buddha is encompassed within an eight-rung wheel which is reminiscent of the eight-fold path that is followed by all who seek to ascend in this tradition. The Path is characterized by the concepts of: right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, mindfulness, and singularity of mind (enlightenment). It is the possession of these virtues which leads one toward ascension. The deep purple which comprises the wheel and the four figures is indicative spiritual strength-an essential for any transformation.

The Bodhi tree at the bottom center of the composition is a historical reminder that it was during meditation under a such a tree that Siddhartha achieved his enlightenment and thus ascended into the realms of Nirvana.

My use of the star-shaped figure around the wheel symbolizes both light, and the sudden flash of spiritual insight which can often accompany periods of deep meditation. One is often privy to sudden flashes of understanding which lead to even deeper levels of inner light and spaciousness.

In the center of the composition, we find the Buddha himself. He is sitting in a full lotus position with his eyes closed in deep meditation. He levitates above and within the spiritual energies which surround him.  I wasn’t really interested in representing the chakras in this image. My main concern was to depict spiritual light and create a sense of vibration and spiritual power. The lighter pastel colors which form the auric field, are not necessarily based upon the chakras.

All of the colors used in this piece were carefully chosen after numerous color roughs to determine which tones would work together seamlessly. It may seem random but the placement of the colors was carefully worked out so that they would all work together and compliment one another. Many pastel colors can be symbolic of higher energies without necessarily referring to the chakras. From a frequency perspective the many of the colors we associate with cooler temperatures (blue, green, violet) are actually of a higher wavelength frequency than  those we think of as warm (red, orange, yellow).The magenta cloud is juxtaposed to the deep blue clouds in an interplay of light and dark. The deep blue representing spiritual darkness or the unexamined state while the higher vibrations of magenta and the rays of green and yellow light break through the darkness.

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Joy: It’s a Spiritual Thing!


It took me a long time to realize it, but joy is a spiritual thing! I spent a good portion of my early years in an ongoing search for happiness. There was a great deal of activity, but the brief moments of happiness I enjoyed were often intense and fleeting. Each and every time I felt as if I was on top of the world. I had reached the mountaintop and would do my best to stay there within the spirit of that moment, to remain present to that experience. But I was never able to carry those feelings back down into the valleys and plateaus of daily living (not for long anyway). So, off I would go seeking my next slice of happiness, my next wave of experience. As I look back on some of those moments, I am now able to connect with a tiny, persistent, nagging, element of despair that was ever-present but almost always unacknowledged. This despair was grounded within an innate knowing that these moments were not meant to last. It was this knowing which made them so much more precious and rare.

My growth along the spiritual path has helped me to understand the differences between joy and happiness. In my experience, the fundamental flaw in happiness is its primarily external orientation. This orientation renders it inherently capricious and subject to the ever-shifting tides of time, circumstance, and emotion. In our search for happiness, each of us becomes vulnerable to various kinds external and often random influences that we depend upon to produce whatever conditions we imagine will result in our happiness. The more favorably these influences and circumstances are able to fit within our particular set of criteria, the better we are able to enjoy deep and lasting happiness. Thus, we continually give away our power and reduce our capacity to exercise agency within our lives due to our continual pursuit of happiness. We must also note that for many of us happiness is also deeply connected to the ever-changing tides of our emotions. We can be happy one minute, see or hear something disturbing and then be unhappy or even dejected the next.

But joy is a spiritual thing. It  bubbles up from the spirit and bursts forth through the heart. Joy is an internal experience that moves from the inner to the outer world. Because it is spiritually based it is not subject to external influences or circumstances. Joy is a realization which can often burst forth within our own interiority. This spiritual quality is what makes joy superior to happiness in every possible way. Joy can be found within (and often in spite of) the most unpleasant and horrible circumstances because its internal origins are connected to higher levels of being. Quantum physics has revealed that everything in the universe resonates at its own frequency; on a scale of consciousness higher levels of consciousness begin around the resonation level of love (love is 500), while joy resonates even higher (joy = 540, peace= 600).  Reclaim your power by connecting with spirit and finding the joy within!


This image was inspired by the experience of joy and the realization of its power within my life and spirit.I wanted the image and the figure to have a certain energetic, open fell but still be dense and bright. This is why I opted to portray a leaping figure within a circular composition. These two elements combine with the emanating rays of light to create a sense of energy and movement. The use of the lotus flower symbol is reminiscent of spiritual awakening, beauty, the rising sun, and eternity in various traditions. Just as the lotus blossoms upward from the murky waters of the muddy river bottom, we often find joy in the midst of the muck and mire of life as it seems to burst forth and lift us above it all. These ideas correspond to the rays of light which appear to both expand from and move toward the center of the composition.

One of the most interesting things about this piece is that its square format and circular composition allow it to displayed from any side. Turn it left, right, or  completely upside down and it is still just as intriguing. In the present view it appears as if the female figure is leaping for joy with all her might – It’s almost as if she could fly away. If you turn the image so that the figure’s hands and feet would appear to be pointing downward, you will notice that her positioning is very similar to the yoga asana “Upward Bow” (Urdhva Dhanurasana) which helps to open the heart chakra. Joy is a spiritual experience which is felt within, and bursts forth from the heart.


This image Live in the Light III, JOY was accepted into two (2)  juried art publications, “American Art Collector”  and “Bay Area Art Today.” Both publications are forthcoming in October 2015. American Art Collector is a yearly juried publication produced by Alcove Books and circulated nationwide for the past 12 years. Bay Area Art Today is a juried publication that is distributed throughout the 10 counties which comprise the Bay area. I am excited and honored to be one of the artists featured in these publications.

Live in the Light IV: Joy

Live in the Light III: Joy

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