Damon Powell – Artist & Theologian

“To Give divine light form through the manifestation of symbolic images that encourage reflection upon the myriad ways that Spirit reveals itself within our world.”

Damon is a Visual Artist and Constructive Theologian whose talents are directed toward the intersection of art and spirituality. His creations are based upon insights gained through his research of theological and philosophical texts which he gives visual expression through the use of color, line, and symbol. His mission is:

Dr. Powell received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute, his Master of Divinity from Payne Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the Graduate Theological Union. After obtaining his BFA, he began a career as a professional illustrator and freelance artist. A series of pivotal events led him to pursue a calling to ministry and theological training. However, after entering into ministry his theological studies helped him to understand that his visual artistry was an integral part of his vocation and ongoing spiritual practice.

At present, he is available for commissioned works of art, purchase of his original works, high-quality archival prints, speaking engagements, classes and workshops, research collaborations, academic research, and writing.



  1. Hi Damon,

    Good to meet you yesterday. Here is a link to the interfaith group I know of. https://www.facebook.com/InterfaithArtExhibit/
    Might be too late for their upcoming exhibit but they are nice people and working hard to show work that is faith based.

    The other person I mentioned that might be of interest to you is an English artist called Stanley Spencer who painted many famous 20th century Christian works.

    It’s worth looking at the big ones close up because they are amazing.

    Finally, I wanted to share the work of an Japanese Christian Artist – I helped to curate a traveling exhibit of his work at the First Pres, Church in Berkeley. He was a printmaker and well-known to many Americans. http://civa.org/exhibits/traveling-exhibits/sadao-watanabe/

    I lost your card so please email me when you have a moment so that I can send anything else that might be useful and to keep in touch!

    Thanks again for sharing your fascinating work and for the warm welcome at your show. I’m hoping to attend your panel and will spread the word.

    Warm regards,

    Fran Osborne


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