Asana Series Final Images!

The Asana Series is Now Complete!!
The three images below are the final images in “Asana Series”. Asana is Sanskrit for “pose” or “posture” and is used in reference yoga. The model for these final images was the yogini Kirsten Rogers. Check her out on Instagram @kirstenrogersyoga 
Dancer’s Pose – Nataranjasana

final images in the “Asana Series” 

This pose is a heart-opening pose that requires extremely good balance. It is dedicated to the Hindu deity “Shiva” the founder of yoga and “Lord of the Dance”.

Splits – Hanumanasana
final images the “Asana Series”

I would love to get into this pose one day! The Splits is a grounding pose that stimulates the digestive and reproductive organs in addition to stretching the thigh and groin areas. 

Mermaid Pose – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
final images in the “Asana Series”

You may recall that I created a similar image of this pose in acrylic paints about six months ago. Although watercolor is a very different medium with its own character, I still wanted to create interest between the two depictions. In order to do so, I used a more dynamic point of perspective, a different color palette, and a more elaborate background. 

Be on the Lookout!
The Asana series is the largest series I have completed thus far. Now that the series is complete, I will be working closely with the founders of Black to Yoga (Maureen, Kirsten, and Zen) to get the series out into the public. We have big plans for this series so be on the lookout for further details regarding shows, talks, prints, swag, and other ways you can obtain the series.   

Stay healthy and safe my friends!! 

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